The Harvest


Sowing the Seeds
A Strategic Vision for your business

What is your vision for your business? Do you have a purpose? Have you determined your competitive business position and set goals that are aligned with measures for success? Milk & Honey believe in an immersive pragmatic, action plan based approach to strategic planning. We will not simply hand over a 30 page document full of “to do” tasks but will work with you using a simple 6 step process to produce a working plan that sows the seeds for long-term success.

The plan we will produce together will span a negotiated period of time (usually the next 3 years) to allow a review point.

Knowing Your Weeds
Hot Spot Analysis

An initial review of your business through analysis of your financial reports. A heat lamp approach applied to your P & Ls, YTD Balance Sheet and last year’s tax return will ensure points of concern are identified, high performing areas are ear-marked and assessed for profit margin returns and hidden dangers potentially impeding your success are uncovered.

The Hot Spot analysis will result in a written report showing the way forward and the areas of your business that should be focused on strategically.

The 360 degree Business Review

An extension service offering that delivers a more detailed internal business review is a must-do for those looking to truly understand their business and its potential. Using a combination of industry reports, market forces analysis, staff interviews, and key client discussions a comprehensive report provides a rarely understood 360-degree view of what your business is capable of, where it sits in the market, and how it is currently performing according to the essential stakeholders. The business review report has become one of Milk & Honey’s most requested deliverables.

Planning for the Drought
Tools to manage Cash Flow

Are you confident you know how your bank account will look in 6 months’ time? Can you predict the ebbs and flows of the cash in and out of your business? What happens when a piece of equipment breaks unexpectedly? Is the BAS due date a cause of panic each quarter? Are you not spending money you could be because you are not sure if you will need it or not in 8 months’ time? Successful cash flow management is one of the best ways to alleviate small business stress. Putting a process in place, with a set of pre-determined tools will allow you to successful plan cash flow for the next 12 months in your business.

Making Hay
Budget Writing & KPI setting

Do you write a budget for your business every year? What formulas and system do you use to do so? Is it simply that figures are written based on last year’s results? Milk and Honey has written budgets for $12 million business, not for profits organisations, small retail operations, agriculture enterprises, complex multi-business unit operations, planning and architecture firms and cafes and two hat restaurants. The breadth of experience and exposure to multiple operations means we know what KPIs to track, how to accurately predict your revenue for the upcoming financial year and how to ensure your operating costs are accurately represented. However, writing the budget is only the first phase of the project. A budgets success as a business tool relies on your ability to interpret and use it throughout the year; to have your staff operate under it and own the information in it. Dashboards, KPIS tracking documents and staff review tools are all provided to you as part of Milk and Honey’s budget writing projects.

Fixing the Fences
Creating clear lines & maintaining the structure

Not all small businesses are the same and Milk & Honey believes in a tailor-made approach. It may be you have a specific project you wish us to undertake or a particular problem solved. Milk & Honey can assist you with:

  • 1:1 Coaching & Consulting
  • Business Plan write ups
  • SOPs write up
  • Position Descriptions
  • Marketing Strategy
  • PR (Crisis Management & launch plans)

A combination of all of the above services can be packaged into a contract that best suits your business needs, rolled out at the pace you require, so you can achieve your land of Milk & Honey.

Wise Words from the Paddock

Keynote Speaking & Workshop Delivery

Shelley Walsh has successfully presented countless workshops on operational improvement and business mechanics. Workshops are tailor-made depending on your group’s needs. Content specialties include:

  • A business plan to a Page
  • Understanding Business Financials
  • Leadership Theory
  • Your Business Model
  • Strategy Simplified
  • Starting up Smart – how to start a business