What happens when you don’t wish to grow?


Since starting my business in 2014 I have loved the flexibility it has afforded me. This flexibility is needed now more than ever as a Mum to a 2.5-year-old and a 16-month-old. The ability to be the one soothing tantrums, wiping Weet-bix off surfaces, and digging in sandpits as the primary caregiver of our young children is a choice I made with my husband wholeheartedly.

However, sometimes I find myself questioning do people expect me to be online more, networking more, writing more blogs, working harder to be more seen?

My wonderful clients, many who have been along for this ride since before my first pregnancy, know how I work. They understand when I commit to them, I commit 100%. My working week is limited currently but when I’m meeting with them, working on their business strategy or talking through a problem my time is concentrated on absolute delivery. I never promise to do what I know I can’t and I have been blessed with fortitude and resilience that means even though the nights of broken sleep (of which there are many) if it means sitting at my desk until 3 am to deliver I can and will.

My reality is as long as our children are little my business is boutique and it is client focussed. I don’t invest in large external marketing strategies, branding, and PR exercises as I simply don’t have the time to. As a consultant who coaches clients on revenue growth I am acutely aware “do as I say, not as I do” could be interpreted as disingenuous. To be genuine is a core value of my business and part of my personal trademark therefore it is important to clarify – the time I have available is spent on my client’s businesses, not mine. I have made a choice, a choice not to grow….for now.

As business owners, we often forget we CAN make choices. There is power in that choice. When the fear of cash flow pressures, the fear of not being credible, the desire to stay ahead of our competitors overtakes it is hard to stay the course. When presented with a decision, an opportunity, or issue what do you use to help with your resolve? How do you make the right choice?

A business without a purpose often steers itself off course. Without a clear articulation of a reason for being it can be hard to assess strategically choices as they appear. My purpose is to help. If I feel my ability to immerse myself in my client’s problems has been compromised I will know I have strayed from my choice. If I am too busy, too overwhelmed, too stretched to help I have strayed from my choice.

I love meeting new people, listening to new stories, and unlocking the land of Milk & Honey for new businesses. If you have come across my page, please get in touch. I will find a way to help.